Hookers & Hash to Replace Halo in Las Vegas?

There are tons of things you can do in Las Vegas. Gamble. Dine in celebrity chef-appointed restaurants. Party at some fancy clubs. Smoke pot with a hooker. Well, forget that last thing—as of last week, turns out the combo drugs-and-hos thing will stay a beautiful pipe dream (pun intended). A recent poll found that a strong majority of locals in Las Vegas are against legalizing marijuana and prostitution. The survey was conducted as Sin City, which has been experiencing a steady decline in tourism dollars, continues to look for clever ways to boost numbers.

While tourism has actually—according to statistics —grown recently, gambling revenues have plunged. Apparently the proposed dangling carrot for big spenders and high rollers came in the form of dope and prostitutes. However, with the new Review-Journal/8NewsNow poll, a whopping 79 percent of respondents gave a thumbs down to the proposed Dutch-style hashish and marijuana bars in Las Vegas, while 64 percent were anti-brothel. Boring.

“Things are maybe a little desperate in Clark County these days, but I don’t think they’re quite that desperate,” said Brad Coker, one of the residents polled. Again, boring. I can only imagine The Hangover 2, where the guys will sit around, play poker, check out Zumanity, slap each other five, then call it a night at 10 pm.

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