Heineken Hijacks the New York City Subway For a James Bond Party

Last night I was drinking beer on the subway, and there were cops and security around, but nobody messed with me. They just let me sip my suds in peace. Granted, the reason I wasn’t arrested was probably because I was at a party for Heineken‘s involvement in the James Bond movie franchise. The party was held at the New York Transit Museum in Brooklyn, the train car was decorated to look like a set for From Russia With Love, and the whole affair was a gas. D-Nice was spinning an amazing DJ set (ranging from Azealia Banks to AC/DC), actor and beer-maker Adrian Grenier was mugging with some leggy models (or were they mugging with him?), and big TV screens showed highlights from 50 years worth of Bond films. Not bad for a Monday night. 


Adrian with Leggy Models by Train

Heineken has been working with James Bond for 15 years, and the party was designed to give people a peek into that exciting, cloak-and-dagger world of espionage, treachery, and sexy people emerging from water. Bond’s latest movie, Skyfall, comes out in November, and Heineken made another one of their really cool video/commercials modeled on the film. It involves a man being chased through a train by a pair of ne’er-do-wells (watch it here), so the Dutch brewers thought it would be neat to host their party on a bunch of old, idle train cars done up to look like various classics of the Bond canon. 

Heineken Train Interior

Make no mistake, the Bond people are out to sell movie tickets and ancillary merchandise the same as the Heineken people are out to sell beer, but it’s a marketing program I can get behind. Most importantly, I like both of their products. Hiring Daniel Craig to be Bond was a good call, he’s got the acting chops and sinister look to carry a torch first ignited by Sir Sean Connery. And Heineken’s always a tasty brew that pairs with whatever hors d’oeuvres are being carried around (yes, my dinner last night consisted entirely of hors d’oeuvres). They had regular Heineken and Heineken Dark too, which I don’t see too often. 

It was a fun crowd sprinked with celebrities, most of whom I didn’t recognize, but people were getting their pictures taken with them, so they must have been notable. I chatted with a few pals, visited the bar a couple of times, watched Bond film clips, and had a generally fun time. I didn’t quite recreate the chase scene from the Skyfall video, but I got to drink beer on a train, which is dangerous enough for me on a school night. 

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