Heidi Shows Off Her Body for Halloween

Heidi Klum never disappoints when it comes to Halloween costumes. She’s ridden into her party on a horse as Lady Godiva, sported gold teeth as a sexy space alien, had six extra hands affixed to her as a Hindu goddess, and donned all sorts of other elborate costumes that a normal person would find uncomfortable and annoying to wear. She lived up to her reputation as the only person who can briefly overshadow Lady Gaga last night at Tao at The Venetian in Las Vegas with a new creation.

She entered on a stretcher with two bloodstained doctors, neither of which were her husband Seal. She later stood up to show off anatomically correct platform heels.

image image image

This costume is weirdly reassuring in that it reminds everyone that underneath all those modely good looks, Heidi looks the same as everyone.

She has a second party in New York on Monday, the same night as former Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr, which has all the celebrity watchers on the edge of their seats to see who has the biggest and best crowd. Spoiler alert: It will be Heidi.

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