Halloween at Stone Rose NYC

We assume you’re already deep into your Halloween planning. What comical yet topical costume idea have you chosen to embrace this year, you clever little minx? Let’s hope it involves smeary makeup and/or stifling latex. Regardless, as always, it doesn’t really matter so much who you are as much as where you are, and one stellar where-to-be this ‘Ween will be New York’s Stone Rose.

It’s a pretty straightforward proposal – the Stone Rose is clubbing out for the night, with 5 DJs for 5 hours, “costume preferred,” from 10pm to 3am. And of course, should you choose to venue-hop, other prominently enjoyable Gerber Group properties are also sporting Access Perks for happy users of our very own BlackBook Guide for iPhone. Check out a special $10 Guava Sin cocktail at Whiskey Park, $5 Shots of Herradura Silver (Sunday-Thursday only, sorry) at Underbar, and 15% tequila and whiskey flights at LEX Bar. Treat, trick, take your pleasure. RSVP to {encode=”srevents@gerberbars.com” title=”srevents@gerberbars.com”}.

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