Hailing the Gang Known as The Overthrow

To call them the cool kids would lend too much credence to those who still think in high school terms. Sure, the idea’s correct — they are the cool kids. But it’s also an oversimplification, so let’s just call it as they call it: The Overthrow. As the name suggests, this merry gang of creatives is out to overthrow the status quo, especially as it’s lived by night.

The gang came about almost by accident back in ’08 at a joint called Bella Rose. At the time, Chief Sorcerer Alexis “Lex” Mincolla was running a swingin’ soiree entitled Black Sunday, the highlight of which was a weekly murder movie shot by Evil Eye Charis Kirtcheimer and Viking Stian Roenning. Just about everybody who was anybody got knocked off in one of the cinematic kill fests, which were so blood-spattered YouTube took ’em down. They weren’t off site for long though, because a coalition of the willing lobbied hard to get YouTube to relent. And relent they did.

During all this melee, down the strip a bit, a cat named Sam Baum was running a hotspot called Heathrow. Heathrow was dark on Sundays, so Baum and company naturally gravitated to Black Sunday, a place where things were even darker. Baum and Mincolla first connected there, and within minutes the two had decided to do something together. That Halloween, each gathered their respective coterie and assembled en masse at Heathrow. The night was dubbed Haunted. And it would be the basis for The Overthrow. Since then, there hasn’t been a club in town The Overthrow hasn’t, well, overthrown. I got with gang members Baum, Caleb “Agent of ChangeJa” Gauge, Troy “Hand of Glory” Kurtz, and Tamara “Pussy Violence” Sky in the VIP Lounge of the Fillmore Miami Beach right before Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings took that fabled stage. The Overthrow has been helping out at The Fillmore for a good year now, and there are plans for the them to start bringing in the biggest and best of dubstep in the very near future. Till then, though, we had another Overthrowdown in mind, the one that’s coming up tomorrow night at 1111 Lincoln Road. It’s called Ivory Tower. And it’ll leave you learned and unleashed.

Tell us about Wednesday’s Overthrowdown…

Baum: Wednesday we’re doing a special event at the world-renowned architectural masterpiece 1111 Lincoln Road. Designer extraordinaire Kerin Rose of A-Morir, who’s draped the likes of Lady Gaga and Rihanna, will be previewing her new line for the first time. Sole Bikes will be doing a demonstration of their custom-made fixed gears. And the Miami-based international artist collective Primary Flight will be doing an installation. So there will be a whole lotta culture goin’ on.

Gauge: Gotta Dance Dirty is the blog sponsorship, so it’s gonna be blasted out to our entire family all over the world.

Kurtz: That doesn’t even include the music side, which is a showcase from The Windish Agency including Nadastrom, Beni, Brenmar, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs and High Rankin.

Baum: It’s the best up-and-comers from mumba tone to dubstep to electronic.

What are you doing to the space?

Kurtz: Well, the space was designed by the world-renowned Herzog de Meuron, so it really doesn’t need anything. But since this is the first time the space is being open to the public we’ll do a little tricking to it.

Gauge: The venue itself will be a platform for all these various forms of art. This is something that you might see during Art Basel, but nobody ever shows light to this when electronic music is the focus of the week.

Can you sum up The Overthrow in one sentence?

Tamara Sky: The Overthrow is dark and different. Miami is pink; The Overthrow is not.

Anyone else we need to mention?

Baum: Yes! BlackBook! They’re our media partner, and they’ll be helping is live up to that blackness!

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