Guru Graces Mastersons’ Downstairs @ Sundance

The irony that the Brothers Masterson (Chris and Danny, of Malcolm in the Middle and That 70’s Show) — both of whom became “famous” playing teenagers on television series centered on the basement lives of juveniles — own a club in Park City called Downstairs should not be lost on anyone. That hip-hop legend Guru (of Gang Starr infamy) and interstellar producer cohort, Solar, officially kicked-off the Sundance Film Festival spectacle at the Masterson’s club ought not necessarily strike anyone as odd, either. Such seemingly unlikely pairings are what Sundance is made of. While the festival has officially gentrified — the overall tenor of the scene is about as far from “hood” as Beverly Hills is from Long Beach — the desire to look street-credible is everywhere.

Sundance is the kind of place where 50 Cent could deliver a dissertation on the French Avant Garde, Plies could leads a discussion on method acting, Lil’ Wayne could win the Audience Choice award, and no one would bat an eyelash. Truth is, most times Sundance’s odd-couple pairings prove golden; such was certainly the case last night. The Mastersons, in collaboration with LIVEstyle Entertainment, did a masterful job of revitalizing one of Park City’s older venues with new-school cool and celebrity swagger. Heads-up Downstairs: you’re on the map. Good call getting an OG to officially introduce the first celebrity-owned club in PC.

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