Griffith Observatory: Scan the Stars

For a truly unforgettable moment, skip the candlelight and classical music and take your significant other to the most romantic spot in Los Angeles. Date night doesn’t get any better than a moonlit visit to Griffith Observatory, which overlooks the Hollywood basin and gives couples unbeatable, celestial views of LA’s sparkling sprawl, from the base of the mountain to the Pacific Ocean. At night, the stargazing is nothing less than awe-inspiring, so be ready to ponder life’s great mysteries as you play name-that-constellation.

Show up early and check out the observatory, exhibit hall, and planetarium, which were designed to make astronomy accessible to the public, or pay tribute to one of Hollywood’s most iconic actors, James Dean. Rebel Without a Cause was filmed here, and the actor commissioned artist Kenneth Kendall to create a sculpture of himself that’s still on display today. Couples can make a complete day outing, as the 4,000-acre park includes hiking and horseback riding, but nothing makes the heart soar more than watching the sun set over the ocean from the best vantage point in LA.

[Photo: John McStravick]

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