Grey Goose Outside Insiders: Herbie Gimmel, Fully Loaded

Herbie Gimmel spent over a decade performing in various rock bands before landing his first hospitality gig as a bar manager at B.E.D. nightclub in Miami, where he was mentored by owner Oliver Hoyos. The North Carolina native then moved to New York to manage the bar at the Gansevoort Hotel’s rooftop lounge, and four years ago he assisted with the launch of the Empire Hotel Rooftop Bar & Lounge. Now, as general manager, Gimmel is responsible for everything from promotion to organizing live music events and generating new business.

What are your responsibilities as general manager at the Empire Hotel Rooftop Bar & Lounge? My day to day involves a variety of tasks from marketing the establishment, to generating new business, and maintaining the clients lists that we already have. The Empire Hotel Rooftop Bar & Lounge is not just a nightlife destination; we also put on music events with Jazz ensembles, for example. Currently, I’m working on a movie themed night, and toying with other similar ideas.

How did you land your first hospitality gig? I had been in the music business since I was 17-years-old, playing in different rock bands across the country until I was about 28-years-old. After that I befriended Oliver Hoyos, the owner of B.E.D. nightclub and he moved me down to Miami. I worked as a bar manager there and learned the business from him, then a few years ago I moved to New York and remained in hospitality.

Where did you end up after working at B.E.D.?I worked for Jeffrey Chodorow at China Grill Management as a bar manager at the Gansevoort rooftop. And after doing that for awhile, we opened the Empire Hotel rooftop together four years ago.

What has your job taught you about entertaining guests at home? The most important things are being in a gorgeous space with good music and good people, and certainly having a cocktail or two, to make the moment right. I love having a good time and making people happy. Throughout my life I’ve loved throwing parties—whether it’s a house party— and having the responsibility of making my guests feel welcomed.

How do the summer months change the flow of business? The pace changes dramatically, we triple our business in just three to four months. And there’s not much time off for anybody in the rooftop business because it has definitely grown in the seven or eight years that I’ve been involved in New York nightlife. At B.E.D we were the only ones with that feature, but at Empire we’re one of many, so it’s definitely more competitive. But I think the Empire has a lot to offer; great views, all different types of spaces, and a great location.

Will there be any new cocktails featured on your summer menu? Strawberry Fields: 2oz. Grey Goose Le Citron flavored vodka ½ oz. lemon juice ¾ oz. simple syrup 2 muddled strawberries Top with Prosecco Garnish with strawberry

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