Greek Protest Dog Inspires Bougie Canines to Action

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From collapsing economies to violent protests to hung parliaments to volcanic ash clouds, there’s been a lot of heavy news coming out of Europe of late. Thankfully, even when covering the Greek protests, there’s a lighter angle to be found, one involving a puppy. Well, a dog actually. A very special Greek protest dog named Kanellos. Kanellos hasn’t only been on the scene at the ongoing protests over the austerity measures — he’s been present at nearly every demonstration over the last two years.

The Guardian has no less than 14 photos of Kanellos putting himself on the line for what he believes is right. He fearlessly confronts police, he puts himself in the middle of the action amongst flames and stone throwers; he even stands strong in the wake of tear gas. The little mutt looks to be having a lot of fun out there. No word yet on what he thinks is a reasonable retirement age for dogs.