Google Maps Makes Legoland Look Creepy

Google Maps brought in it’s sci-fi (ok, really dorky) tricycle to Legoland last May, and the results are up and available on the virtual streets of Google. Legoland is the very first U.S. theme park to be covered by Google Maps. Apparently now that there are no more streets to map, Google is creeping into more private territory. They’ve also mapped San Diego State University, the Laguna Seca racetrack and Disneyland Paris.

To view Legoland on the map, type in Legoland, California in Google Maps and they drag the little Lego man into the virtual park. Since the park wants to ensure privacy, the stills of Legoland are filled with uber creepy shots of blurred out faces complete with blurred out t-shirts. It looks like a park filled with people in the witness protection program. Nonetheless, Google’s making good on its plan to map absolutely everything. Cool? Sure. Creepy? Definitely.

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