Google Gives Free WiFi to Airports

Google is feeling generous this holiday season. First they partnered with Virgin America to offer free in-flight WiFi from November 10 through January 15, and now they’ve extended that offer to include some 45 airports across the country. Finally, airports will get the chance to see, firsthand, that offering free internet access will be a great thing for bored customers who might otherwise be rioting over delays or excessive fees. And just because they’re in the giving mood, Google is also offering to match charity donations to three chosen charities for all those that logon at the airport and donate.

The airport with the most donations by January 1 will earn $15,000 more for their charity of choice. They’re also running a photo contest starting on the 16th. If you take a photo of yourself using the free airport WiFi and send it in, you’ll be up for mysterious, yet-to-be-named, but of course great prizes. Participating airports on the west coast include the Bob Hope Burbank, San Diego, and Seattle. On the east there’s free WiFI in Baltimore, Boston, and Buffalo. And in the south, participating airports include Memphis, Austin, Louisville, and El Paso. Click here to see the full list.

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