Good Night Mr. Lewis: Mystery Parties, Jonathan Toubin at Brooklyn Bowl, and Freely Be

Am I supposed to tell you bright people what to do? I’m not even sure I even know you. I mean what’s a poor boy to do but to write for BlackBook magazine? I sometimes feel like I’m swimming upstream, but I truly feel that my glass is 1/4 full rather than 3/4 empty and I’m optimistic that nightlife as I love it and define it is all around us. I sometimes feel like Yoda instructing you to use the force, find the love. Look in the corners, side streets, and alleys. Find the beat off the beaten path. Breath the air and find that nightlife you always knew was there, still there, will always be there. Yeah I had one of those no sleep till Brooklyn nights and what’s left of my mind is still reeling from the residuals of yet another improbable adventure I probably shouldn’t and wouldn’t have if I couldn’t have, but there I was and I did it. One day I may tell you about. It’s amazing that I’m moving at all so I might as well just move forward. What am I talking about??? I’m talking about talented people doing wonderful things.

The outstanding talents of Eric L. Schmalenberger and Amy Van Doran are inviting their seriously fun crowd of talented and special friends to another night of enlightenment. This Friday’s Secret Society for Lovers of Beautiful and Lofty Things is described by those in the know as … "possibly be the greatest event that has happened to anyone ever." They ain’t lying but alas, I cannot help you attend. It’s by invite only, which means you must seek out Eric or Amy and ply them with gifts or drinks or fabulousness prior to the next one of these. Then why am I telling you about it if you can’t get in? Because it’s important for you to know that nightlife is soaring to new heights in secret spots and nooks and crannies and that you must stop accepting the common as an answer to your not-so-wet dreams. The bottom of the invite rants "We accept you one of us, We accept you one of us, We accept you one of us, We accept you one of us, We accept you one of us, We accept you one of us, We accept you one of us". That’s a big Gabba, Gabba Hey moment. Demand better nightlife and someone might provide it. It’s tomorrow night night so you still have time to network yourself in if you haven’t strayed too far from the light.

So that event may be a bit out of reach but I’ll tell you about another. This one you can go to no sweat…except for the sweat from all the dancing you will be doing. My favorite DJ (not named Paul Sevigny) is coming to the fabulous Brooklyn Bowl tomorrow night and I’m just going to Tivo everything, plan on eating there, and dress for success. It’s New York Night Train!: Soul Clap & Dance Off with DJ Jonathan Toubin (pictured). Some publicist sent me this and it describes it so well that I’m just going to copy and paste it for you. Yeah I know how to do that now. 

"Soul Clap & Dance Off with DJ Jonathan Toubin: New York Night Train’s Soul Clap and Dance-Off is North America’s most popular soul party – by far playing to more people in more places and generating more capital than any of its contemporaries. The concept is simple-all night dancing to the wild soul 45s of subterranean superstar DJ Mr. Jonathan Toubin and, in the middle, a $100 dance contest judged by a community panel. Recession-friendly mass entertainment with a universally cheap door price, the dance party/spectacle not only sells beyond capacity at home, but has brought its excitement to domestic markets all the way from Portland, Oregon to Portland, Maine and internationally from Tel Aviv to Mexico City-including monthly residencies in New York, Chicago, LA, San Francisco, Oakland, and PDX. The Dance-Off portion features judges from every edge of music and culture from classic subcultural icons like Mike Watt and Jello Biafra, to rock stars Andrew Van Wyngarden (MGMT) and Nick Zinner (Yeah Yeah Yeahs), to interesting cultural figures like Karla LaVey (Satanic Priestess) and Matt Gonzalez (Green Party Vice Presidential Candidate) to your favorite neighborhood heroes. Catch The Soul Clap!"

I usually catch Jonathan at Home, Sweet Home on Fridays and am excited he’s coming to the hood. If you don’t trust me then why are you reading me. It’s tomorrow night 11:30 pm Brooklyn Bowl. This is going to be wonderful.

My friend Jessi Marquez is working with a Christian charity called Mercy 29 which seems to go where most men, and women, have not gone before. They help local orphans and widows and families in villages in Mozambique, Africa and Andhra Pradesh, India. They build schools and homes and yes, churches. They generally try to make life better for those who have virtually nothing. Now I’m always wary of these missionary type charities but Jessi is alright by me. I see the word Christianity thrown around a lot by haters who use the term for what I perceive to be very un-Christian-like agendas. Feeding and helping those in need is a great place for Christianity as opposed to my bedroom, womb or government. Thus I’m here to tell you about an event tomorrow night . The Freely Be Launch Party sponsored by Ultimat Vodka, Patron and Budweiser 55 Select. It’s 9pm at Midtown Loft & Terrace, 267 5th Avenue, 11th floor. They are raising funds and awareness for Mercy29.

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