Gay Day & New SugarFISH En Route

imageI will not repeat last year’s unforgivable crime of missing the annual Gay Pride event. It was the first year I missed the parade since I was 19, and it made me sad. I was once even in a Gay Pride parade, which somehow involved me being dragged down the street in roller skates. But this time last year, I had just moved to this fair city and was adrift without my gay boyfriends and girlfriends. Not this time.

Don’t Sleep On It: Gay Pride is like a benchmark of summer — a whole weekend-long celebration. An old friend is working for the LA Pride Fest, and she has already informed me that those of the lavender persuasion and their friends can look forward to former American Idol star Fantasia performing on the main stage the day before the parade on June 13, along with house diva Deborah Cox, Debby Holiday, and Nikki 16. The event is earlier than I’m used to — in New York, Gay Pride is held the last weekend of the month, on the anniversary of the Stonewall Riots — but the Angelenos get a jump on the party. Past events have featured gay favorites such as Olivia Newton John, Joss Stone, and Joan Jett at the two-day festival. Admission for the festival per-day is still a recession-friendly $15.

Foodie Alert: As I was writing this, I got an email in my inbox about a new SugarFISH location on the Westside. For those who don’t know, SugarFISH is the brainchild of sushi chef Kazunori Nozawa, he of Sushi Nozawa fame. He is known in Los Angeles as the Sushi Nazi because of his exacting standards and minimalist menu (do not venture to ask for a California roll or spicy tuna roll here). SugarFISH is an amended version of his original restaurant and features prix fixe menus called “Trust Me,” which have a delish sashimi appetizer, four to eight sushi pieces, and a roll or two, depending on which Trust Me you get. Their crab roll is the best you’ll ever eat; it will completely revamp your opinion of crab rolls and will make you not want to eat crab at any other restaurant.

The new location is going to be on San Vincente, near Barrington, and will feature the sleek interior design of Venice-based designer Glen Bell of Studio DEX. ETA is sometime this summer.

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