Gabby Meija Back in NYC!

I wrote the other day about “weather permitting” and let it go to my head. I cancelled my participation in a press junket this weekend at the fabulous Borgata in Atlantic City. Now I find that the giant storm isn’t happening and the weather would have been permitting. I do this trip about twice a year and it never gets tired. The Borgata is still carayzee after all these years. Beautiful, fun, familiar, yet just foreign enough to feel like you went somewhere even though it’s a quick luxury train ride away. Oh well, now I am in NYC and looking for the party.

As luck would have it, there’s a good one tomorrow night—Saturday February 8th—at Duende, which is beneath Melibea (2 Bank Street at Greenwich Avenue.) You better write that down—its’s too hard to remember. The party is “The Spot”—old school loungin’ in NYC with special guest host Gabby Meija. Gabby is a special person. She was the majordomo, deity, walkie-talkie clad temptress at my favorite late night stop subMercer. When she left to chase the sun—and I’m sure other things—sub never was the same. It didn’t open for the season and my heart was broken.

I rarely get that attached to spots, but nothing has filled its shoes. It was always musically correct, except of course, on the occasion when I DJ’d. Roy Dank of Free Association will DJ this soirée. They say “You will love this new, sexy cellar lounge with BIG, crystal sound — the system was installed by the same masters who did Shelter and subMercer….BOOM!” There you go! And so will I. OMG Gabby !

Valentine’s Day is no longer just a day but a week or more thing. With that in mind, check out The Love Show—”A HIGH-CLASS, FANCY-ASS, PRE-VALENTINE’S DAY SHOW.” I am in love with the Love Show. There are a trio of hosts: Kae Burke, the ever debonaire David F. Slone, Esq and the ever ridiculous Eric Shmalenberger, who will be doing this thing as his better half Miriam. There’s contortionist, a magician, a Lady Circus, and of course the Love Show Dancers. It all starts at 8pm at The Slipper Room (167 Orchard Street.)


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