Free Wifi on Virgin America

Virgin America is bringing the holidays a little early with a nice present for travelers: free wifi. While normally costing $6-$13 (depending on the length of the flight), the inflight wifi will be completely gratis from November 10 through January 15, 2010. Google is Virgin’s wifi provider already, and this little gift is courtesy of a double team of Virgin and Google, who apparently really want you to try out surfing the web while you’re in the air this holiday season. Perhaps the home page will load to the Skymall. Wifi usage so far on Virgin has been reported at around 12 to 15 percent on short flights and about 20 to 25 percent on longer hauls across the country. You can expect speeds close to on-the-ground mobile broadband. Check it all out here at the Google’s Free Holiday WiFi site, and you can see a Google Map of Virgin’s wifi-enabled travel destinations after the jump.


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