Free Rides in Las Vegas, NYE

Just like Diddy is doing on the East Coast, for drunkish New Yorkers, the city of Las Vegas is providing free rides for partygoers. Starting at 6 pm on New Year’s Eve, the strip will be hosting free bus rides on all city routes, as well as the re-routed routes that happen on New Year’s Eve so that the partygoers can take over the streets on the strip. The best part about the free rides is the fact that they run all night and spill over into after-after-hour party time, as in 9 am. That’s right, you can party your little drunken ass off from 6 pm to about 8:45 in the am, giving you a full 14 + hours to imbibe as much booze and or other recreational fun as you can, knowing you don’t have to be coherent enough to drive anyone home.

Though they didn’t mention it, it would be a wise bet to staff these buses with some free egg sandwiches and maybe some bags to retch in, as I’m sure some of the bus goers will have hit their limits by the time they try to catch a ride. Or you could even sell egg sandwiches or hot dogs in the bus, you could rake in the cash!

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