Free People Threw a Party in Their Pants

BFA / Noel McGrath

Last week, Free People, the bohemian retailer with a penchant for lively

prints, invited friends and family to put on their favorite pair of pants, and, well, just

dance. The event, which celebrated the release of a new line of bottoms, was held on

the recently opened twelfth floor of Neuehouse, a member’s only club for creatives

in Manhattan’s Flatiron district. With custom cocktails courtesy of Tito’s Vodka and

Pressed Juicery, and a DJ-set by Harley Viera-Newton, attendees danced the night

way. The room, dimly lit, with strobing ultraviolet lights, made for quite the

atmosphere. So much so that even those of with two left feet couldn’t help but get

our groove on. Between the electric outfits—you could have sworn Coachella was in

full swing—and sweeping 360-degree views, it was hard to not feel the buzz,

cocktails be damned.

Apart from the dancing, the highlight of the evening was an unexpected

double-dutch session. The jump ropes, adorned in glow sticks, quickly became the

center of attention, and the jumpers did not disappoint. By the end of the night, after

hours of dancing and an unmentionable number of juice-infused vodkas, attendees

strode out with smiles on their faces. Free People indeed.

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