Frank Owen Calls the Cops on Steve Lewis

imageNew York nightlife chronicler Frank Owen was none too appreciative of beloved nightlife columnist Steve Lewis’ hyperbolic, cartoonish wish to pop Owen in the nose at this past weekend’s Paper Nightlife Awards. So concerned is Owen about the entirely metaphorical nose-popping that, according to an item shaping up for tomorrow’s Page Six [UPDATE: here it is], Owen will be pressing charges against Lewis. Says Steve, “Owen is half my age and twice my size, so I guess it would be a fair fight. But he’s so drunk all the time, it really wouldn’t be fair, so I’d never actually get into a fight with him.” Should law enforcement apprehend Steve Lewis in days to come, we’ll set up a pledge drive here to bail him out. Meanwhile, after the jump, enjoy a transcription of the angry voicemail Owen just left us! Uh oh.

“Hello, this is Frank Owen, author of Clubland, who Steve Lewis threatened in his blog yesterday. I just want you to know I just filed a complaint with the local police department. You know, I don’t blame him, because he’s not a journalist, and he doesn’t know any better, and he’s an idiot. But I blame you, especially since you put that ‘popping’ [unintelligible] in the headline. Look, I don’t want to see Lewis arrested, he may still be on probation, he’s a convicted felon, right? But if this happens again, right, I will sue you. Do your job, for Christ’s sake!”

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