First Images: The Striking New Bank Hotel Stockholm


With Southern Europe suffering under climate-changed temps of up to 115 degrees Farenheit, Scandinavia has emerged as a destination-of-the-moment for yet another very good reason.

Now, Stockholm itself has always lured with its matter-of-fact sense of style and design. And that is sublimely exhibited in the new Bank Hotel, opening late August, from the prolific Stureplansgruppen restaurant/nightlife group. Naturally, food plays a major role in its allure, with the unassumingly named signature eatery Bonnie’s fitted into a dramatically renovated banking hall (thus, the hotel’s name), flaunting sexy, emerald green booths, stylish, black-and-white checked tile flooring, and a kitchen lorded over by award-winning chef Magnus Persson. The influence in both food and wine tends toward France and Northern Italy.


Image by Mathias Nordgren


Characteristic of its parent company, aesthetics figure significantly throughout this rather swish new hotel, its striking 1910 building graced by both modern Renaissance design influences. Swedish interior stylists Ida Lauga and Lo Biurlf have infused the rooms with a contemporary classicism, with eight signature suites culminating in the quite spectacular, 185 square meter Bank Extreme Terrace Suite, featuring a full-length balcony and arguably life-altering views (considering the city’s breathtaking beauty.)

Social life comes by way of the casual Sophie’s lounge, and the more elegant Papillon Bar. But make sure to smooth talk your way to the 9th floor, where the secretive Chambre Separé caters to just 12 very privileged guests at a time.

The Bank Hotel is located on Nybroviken Quay, just a short stroll from the old world charms of the Gamla Stan – which is just another bridge away from the hipster paradise of Sodermalm…should that be your inclination.


Above images by Johan Nilson (1) and Mathias Nordgren (2,3).


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