Find Love On Your Next Flight to New Zealand

Just yesterday we were ogling the sexy painted Air New Zealand crew, and now there’s yet another reason to hop a flight down under on Air NZ because they’re launching the first ever matchmaking flight. The flight goes wheels up October 13th, leaving from LAX and touching down thirteen hours later in Auckland. Before the flight even boards, there will be a pre-game party for the singles to mingle, and if you really want to get a head start on things you can create an online profile way in advance of the trip so you can put some feelers out about who you’d like to sit next to you in flight.

The flight itself will feature “themed food, drink and games,” which sounds a bit like a lame birthday party, but who knows, everything is a little more awesome with booze. Upon arrival passengers will be taken to a singles-only party. The flight will run you $780, which isn’t bad for a flight, but it’s a lot more expensive than But can deliver you love and New Zealand all in one go? I think not. Get your love on here.

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