Fashion Week, September Blues and Don Hills

Fashion week is everywhere, and it’s all so annoying. I mean, where are the cabs? However, Fashion week can be a good thing for clubs jolting out of summer. This time of year can be problematic, as operators and patrons need to adjust their thinking in many ways. The weather is changing and the contrasting cool nights create many what to wear moments. The tourists have all flocked back to Capistrano, or South America, or wherever they came from. Snow birds, those who migrate north during our warm weather are starting to abandon us, flu season is approaching, and it gets dark before we are ready. College kids have returned back to Ohio ot wherever, and the newly arrived kids haven’t gotten their passable IDs sorted out yet and are hitting the books because it’s a fresh idea or don’t have a clue where to go because no one has told them. All those sports are gearing up or winding down and compete for time and cash. To top it off, many people have overextended their income with summer spending. It’s an Oy Vey time of year for club operators.

Fashion Week seems like a blessing, but with so many parties and so much free booze given away at must attend events, it’s possible for places to be packed one night and empty the next, as their competition has the good party that evening. I avoid the maelstrom and pick my spots carefully. I am completely in on tonight’s Interview Magazine soiree at The Hills, formerly the legendary Don Hills. We will get a peek at the boo that closed a few years ago with Don’s passing. They’ll open, open for real in a month or so…for real. Another soiree that has me going is the birthday party for Noel Ashman and persons to be named later tomorrow night. A bevy of celebrity hosts and DJs make this event interesting. It is in the soon to open The Leonora on West 29th Street. This shindig is absolutely private, so you will have to sacrifice your Louboutins or a small animal to a publicist to get in. 

Tonight I’m going to just ignore it all and head to Frankie Sharp’s Fashion Week party. He has Willam from Ru Pauls Drag Race and the right attitude for me… always. This thing will take place at Westgay at Westway (75 Clarkson). If I survive all this hoopla, I will strive to see Veiled: A Fashion Installation by Veritee Hill tomorrow from 8:30pm  to 11pm at The Urban Garden Room, located at 43rd St and 6th Ave across the street from Bryant Park. Susanne Bartsch says I should go and I never argue with her—what would be the point?

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