Farrelly Brothers Give It Another Go

In my book, Outside Providence gives The Farrelly Brothers lifelong immunity from scorn, even they do keep making awful things like the Heartbreak Kid remake. Now they’ve dropped a trailer for Hall Pass, a film about men whose wives give them a week-long “hall pass” to do whatever they want (read: sleep with other women) in order to prove that no other women actually want to sleep with them. Essentially it’s Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 4 all over again. The trailer had me for the first minute or so, but then the inevitable montage of grown men reverting to their teenage selves by eating pot brownies ruined the whole thing. You don’t need to see the movie to know they’ll all end up happy and back with their wives at the end. I predict 1 – 5 bare breasts, 7 – 17 funny jokes, 3 black eyes. Could be worse. Trailer after the jump.

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