Facehunter’s Fashion Week Speed Dating & BLK DNM Party Snaps

Street style photographers have been out in full force this week, bothering and validating the beautiful and well-heeled in equal measure. Personally, I find it incredulous that people would be anything but flattered if one of these rogue paparazzi stopped them for a quick pic — I know people who spend their Saturday afternoons stomping around Soho in couture in the hopes of bumping into the Sartorialist.

But, as Yvan Rodic, aka Facehunter, notes in his short film on the Nowness, camera stalking New Yorkers can be tricky. Just try going up to a pretty stranger without the help of alcohol. Luckily, there were libations last night at the BLK DNM launch party, where Rodic busied himself shooting willing participants.

Facehunter Takes Manhattan on Nowness.com.

In the film, he outlines his reasons for being drawn to people, and they have nothing to do with his own sense of style. He shoots people who have a certain aura or edge about them, regardless of whether if he likes their outfit. More reasons he might snap your pic: you’re beautiful or interesting; you’re willing to take direction for the pose (no standing on one foot!), which means you’re not running late to something (because you’ll rush the process). Also, play it cool. “When a girl is too willing to be photographed it’s a turn-off.” Accordingly, act like you’re not going to Google him the second you find a laptop — sort of like dating! Rodic would agree. “Fashion week is like speed dating,” he says about the week at hand, “my rejection capacity is around 10%.”

Last night he shot pretty, interesting, unrushed, friendly fashion folks at the launch of Johan Lindeberg’s BLK DNM collection in SoHo. Here are a few of his speed dates: image Arden Wohl & Tara Subkoff are Fashion Week speed dating pros with a “rejection capacity” of zilch, no doubt.

image Fashion Week Speed Dating tip: Wearing a Leica case as a necklace is a great way to break the ice and attract other photographers, which means facehunters will think you’re the opposite of desperate, because you could just photograph yourself if you really cared about getting your picture taken. Right?

image Johan Lindeberg @nytimesfashion: At the BLK DNM party. Johan turned the former Deitch space into virtual retail. DL #nyfw http://yfrog.com/h2ec5wtj

image Max Vallot & Langley Crisman @nataliecwhite: Pretty sure my boob fell out of my dress at least 6 times at the BLK DNM party. #hotmess

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