Facebook Agrees to Stop Showing You Pictures of Your Ex

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Dredging up unwanted memories can be depressing. But dredging up memories of that certain someone from your not-too-distant past can be downright infuriating. Just ask the 700-plus Facebook users who petitioned the social networking site to stop sneaking in pictures of their exes in the unnerving “Photo Memories” feature. This malicious box – located in the top right corner of your screen — uses strategically calculated obnoxious algorithms to sift through old photos, churning out a rotating gallery of ex-lovers for your constant, unwanted perusal. Well, Facebook has heard the pleas of the broken-hearted users.

Starting yesterday, you will no longer be ambushed with photos of your ex sharing a string of spaghetti with a new flame. Facebook’s Photos Project Manager, Sam Odio, promises that “Photo Memories” will refrain from ruining your day with photos of anyone that your status says you were “previously in a relationship with.” We don’t mean to ask for too much, here, but Uncle Sam, does this still mean we’ll be subjected to watching our current squeeze share a Lady and the Tramp moment from a past life? How many user protests until we banish “Photo Memories” once and for all?