Experience the Indie Rock Lifestyle for Just $3499

Years ago, a now irrelevant band asked “how do you afford your rock and roll lifestyle?” Good question, especially if you’re looking to go to Coachella this year. Tickets go on sale tomorrow, and the lineup, which includes Pavement, MGMT, Muse, and Jay-Z was announced earlier in the week. What wasn’t announced, dear music lover, was just where you’re going to sleep after you’ve been baking (pun intended) in the desert all day. Sure, you could camp, but there’s also a great alternative for just $3499!

(‘DiggThis’)Yes, for $3499, you can experience the desert music festival in luxury. Valley Music Travel offers private home rental for the festival ranging from $3299 to $3499 per person for four nights. Steep, but it allows one to bypass all the plebeian inconveniences typically associated with a rock festival. That price includes an all access private entrance so you don’t have to wait in line with the common people. We’re assuming they check less thoroughly for drugs at this entrance. You also get access to VIP lounges and private bars, which is key if you’re looking to hang out with Mischa Barton. What about food? No concert concession burritos will be involved in this Coachella experience. Instead, a catered lunch and dinner at the festival site is offered. Lastly, there’s golf cart transportation provided at the festival, so you can quickly zip between tents in the tragic instance that say Ra Ra Riot and Yeasayer are playing at the same time, and also because nothing says rock and roll like a golf cart.

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