Expensive Sprinkles at UNICEF’s Next Generation Launch

“This seems like one big Republican party,” an unnamed guest with a distinct southern accent noted last night at The Gates. “Either that or it’s a Yale reunion.” Amid all of this week’s summery soirees, I was most happy to find myself at UNICEF’s Next Generation Launch Event. With Jenna Bush Hager as a committee chair, Grey Goose-sponsored cocktails, and Josh Madden playing DJ, this one particularly disinterested party guest could not sour the bunch — regardless if the bunch was made up of Republican Yalies or not. The event was hosted by the members of UNICEF’s Next Generation Steering Committee, a group composed 30 thirty young scenesters, including Barbara Bush, Lauren Bush, Maggie Betts, and David Lauren, who banded together to party for their very first initiative: Project Sprinkles, as they pledged to raise $175,000 for the program. Not to worry — the program isn’t raising awareness for your Crumbs habit, though the delicious cupcakes were passed at the event. These sprinkles are sugar-free and save lives.

UNICEF’s “Sprinkles” is a nutritional supplement in the form of a powder designed to be sprinkled over food, instantly fortifying the meal with iron, vitamin A, zinc, vitamin C, and folic acid. About 25,000 children die every day from preventable causes such as malnutrition. Though this number is worldwide, the group chose to set their sights on Guatemala, where rising food prices are compounding the problem, and the number of daily deaths is on the rise. The packets are known as “Chispitas” in Guatemala, and look much like small sugar packets — though, as one passionate UNICEF member admitted to me, they are tasteless.

The goal of the Next Generation Committee is to not only raise money for these Chispitas but also to engage younger generations in supporting the world’s children. They hope to reduce the number of daily preventable child deaths to zero through charitable donations, education, engagement, and advocacy. The young group certainly made headway last night, selling raffle tickets for ritzy dinner packages to the Waverly Inn, Hotel Griffou, and Kingswood. Ultimately, between cupcake bites and vodka sips, they were able to raise $45,000.

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