Exalted Roman Chef Stefano Callegari Brings His Pizza Ecstasy to Soho

Images by Francesco Sapienza


Famous for creating the trapizzino, a modern Italian street food (last year an outpost of his Rome restaurant of the same name opened on New York’s Lower East Side), Stefano Callegari is a star chef in his own right. Now he’s doing a dedicated pizza spot, La Rossa, in Soho – insinuating himself in great debate between Chicago and NYC pie supremacy.

So what makes this pizza so special? It’s all in the dough, if you must know. Callegari – who also has restaurants in Florence and Milan – attributes his passion for the art and science of pizza making to his many visits to Naples, as well as his travels as a young flight attendant. This all led him to challenge the status quo dough, resulting in one that is palpably smoother and more easily digestible.



La Rossa is serving up classic but delectable pizzas like the Buffalo e Pachino (fresh cherry tomatoes, mozzarella di bufala, basil), and the Napoli, with anchovies. But our particular appetite led us straight to his signature collection pies, influenced by the popular pasta dishes of Rome. To wit, the Cacio e Pepe, a pecorino romano, black pepper, and extra virgin olive oil creation with a crispy, airy crust and that same creamy texture that you get from its namesake pasta. Irresistibile!

Pizzas come in traditional round and pizza quadrata by the slice. But if you are a fervent antipasto-ite like us, you can make a magnifico sharing meal of plates of suppli, insalata, burrata and salumi.

And with all apologies to NYC and Chicago, the best pizza really does come from Roma and Napoli. Now you can find out for yourself.




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