Emma Snowdon-Jones Reaches Out to Her Little Monkeys

I’m trying to make sense of Emma Snowdon-Jones’ canine fashion show benefit for the Humane Society on July 15, but she has this way of writing that’s utterly confounding. Why don’t I just let her plug her own event, replete with references to obscure Crispin Glover films and puppy porn orgies. And if that little pink guy will be there, then so will I.

Hello My Darling Little Monkeys

On the 15th of July I am walking the catwalk (insert dog joke) with my lovely little Muppet Gibear in support of the Humane Society. The fabulous designer Miguelina will dress us. Thank God, for the many designers lending their support for this event to protest the pornographic films made year after year exposing nude animals…it has been going on for far too long.

We have all heard of them:

Lassie Jaws Benjie Dr.Doolittle That Darn Cat Best in Show King Kong National Velvet Willard March of the Penguins

The list goes on and on….there was even that snuff film “All Dogs Go to Heaven.”

I once caught my parents watching some puppy porn orgy with countless naked Dalmatians. A little Burberry plaid goes a long way in these cases let me tell you. Read the attached invitation (get the true facts on the event, it is rather wonderful.) Come watch me fall or trip or do something rather ungraceful. Come support the Humane Society.

Lots of love, Emma

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