Emily Gould’s Greenpoint Cheat Sheet

Because we ended up not touring the neighborhood as planned during our sit-down with author Emily Gould (it was pouring out), we asked her for a list of some the of places in Greenpoint she would have taken us had it been glorious out. Here are her favorite spots.

Jubilatka: I would have taken you for Polish donuts at Jubilatka. I like them because they’re not as sweet as regular donuts.

The Garden: We could have browsed the aisles at The Garden, the wonderful grocery store where I bought food, like, every day when I lived around the corner from it. They have an amazing selection of natural and organic food and everything is much cheaper than Whole Foods. I go back and buy cheese there when I’m in the neighborhood and say hi to the cheese guys. God, there is so much awesome food to eat in Greenpoint.

Brooklyn Label and Acapulco: When I lived in the Beast House on Freeman—the hippie converted loft I describe in the chapter of my book called Off Leash—for three months after my big breakup, I would wake up every morning and get steel-cut oatmeal with fruit and nuts at Brooklyn Label, then work for a few hours, then eat lunch at the counter at Acapulco—a huge styrofoam cup of fresh-squeezed orange juice for, at that point, $2, and shrimp fajitas. I describe eating fajitas at Acapulco in Claudine, where I meet my friend there and we eat then walk across the Pulaski bridge, which itself is a great Greenpoint tourist activity.

Chopin Chemists: Whenever I’m in Greenpoint I go to the European-style pharmacy next door to The Garden, Chopin Chemists, to get arnica gel, incense, and shampoo.

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