Earl Sweatshirt Has Been Located

Earl Sweatshirt, the mysteriously AWOL member of Odd Future, has been found. Rumor had it that his mom sent the 17-year-old to military school or boarding school, but Complex did some serious digging, and they seem to have located Sweatshirt at a facility for troubled teen boys in Samoa. Free Earl!

First, Complex found a line in a recent OFWGKTA song that hints that Earl is in Samoa. Then they found a random kid on Facebook who seems to be friends with Earl…in Samoa. He posted the video to “EARL” on his wall, saying that he knew him, and writing, “i made friend with him at the program i was at in samoa,” and, “his mom sent him there because she doesnt like his ‘disrespectful’ music, behavior towards her and shit idk.”

After some more Internet trawling, Complex managed to pinpoint the specific program where Earl is enrolled. They found a place called Coral Reef Academy in Samoa, which is for American teenage boys who are “lost in anger, depression, drugs, or alcohol” (it’s also described on Urban Dictionary as “a therapeutic program where evil therapists and incompetent Samoan staff will try to convert you to Mormonism while shoving therapy up your ass”).

Finally, Complex got confirmation in the form of a photo in a blog post by the U.S. ambassador to New Zealand and Samoa, who had visited the facility. Earl is in the picture:


Really impressive investigative work by Complex. It’s not quite the last place on earth we thought Earl Sweatshirt would be, but close!

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