Dumps, Dives, & Holes: Take Your Chances at Second Chance Saloon

Grand Street’s Second Chance Saloon falls on the nicer side of dive with a punky twist. Animal skulls, drink specials, and a general lack of pretension make it a great low-key hang out for any time of the day or night. Its vicinity to many Brooklyn venues deems it a known after-show hangout, so go grab a beer after sweating in a mosh pit. 

Living up to the name, it feels very much like a saloon. Clean maroon walls are adorned with only a few choice pieces: a mounted wooden eagle, some antique mirror, skulls and a Melvins poster. The room is quite large, with the bar stretching down the left side of the space just past the dart alley. Big black booths line the left, dispersing into chairs and tables as they near the pool table. Pool is cheap, but it’s usually surrounded by regulars whom I assume are responsible for the number of pool trophies scattered about, making it difficult to sneak a game. No worries though; there’s always Big Buck Hunter. And if big game shooting isn’t your thing, the jukebox is very good and some social oriented board games are available. 

Even aside from the autographed Dick Dale photo fondly scrawled to Second Chance Saloon, the bar is awesome. They have a fantastically extensive tequila selection, and very modest prices. Two bucks for a Rolling Rock at all times, $5 for a shot and a Highlife, and $6 for a shot of Jaeger and a Budweiser. Most drafts, of which they have a large array, are $5. Their house beer, Second Chance Lager, goes for $4, and a lone Highlife is $3. It’s the type of place you can walk into with some pocket change and then have a tough time walking out of. A lot of drinks end up on the house.  

The gravel back yard is perfect for summer. Picnic benches and a shaded round table provide a lot of seating, and they’re known to throw impromptu free BBQs when the weather’s especially nice. You can even bring your dog! They have toys, treats, and plenty of room to fetch. So, go! Especially if it’s your birthday because with ID you’ll drink free all night. It’s great in the days and evenings. Depending on what you’re into, the nights are fun and just a little rowdier. And if you really want to see what the place is all about, go after a metal show when it’s totally packed.

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