Dubai Opening: The Living Room at the Grand Hyatt

If only one’s living room could actually look like this. Indeed, the new HBA-designed The Living Room at the Grand Hyatt is like a lavish ’round the world tour.

Perhaps it should have been called The Living Rooms since it encompasses three lounges, each with its own special geographical inspiration: The Velvet Lounge is all Middle-Eastern flash, with lots of purple, magenta, and gold; the European Lounge is dressed up in Louis XV opulence, with a peek-a-boo portal into the Velvet Lounge; and the Chinese Lounge just drips with silk fabrics and flamboyant, glittering chandeliers. And should the decadent atmosphere steer you into over indulgence (and why wouldn’t it?), there is a new and also HBA-designed Ahasees Spa on site for body revivification. What we call living…

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