Dubai Imprisons the PDA

Dubai continues to prove it’s not for lovers. A British couple that was arrested last year for kissing on the mouth in a restaurant has lost their appeal and is now facing a month in prison for their supposed crime of passion.

Ayman Najafi, 24, and Charlotte Adams, 25, were first arrested last November when a local Dubai woman accused them of breaking the U.A.E.’s decency laws with their public display of affection. Defense lawyers claimed that the woman hasn’t seen the kiss itself, just that her two-year-old daughter had, and that it was actually just a peck on the cheek. Najafi says they have witnesses willing to testify as to what actually happened, but the court hasn’t bothered calling any of those witnesses to the stand. According to a BBC reporter, the judge quickly dismissed the appeal and spoke only in Arabic. Najafi and Adams have chosen not to start their prison sentence just yet, and they have 30 days to decide if they’ll appeal again. In the meantime, the couple is unable to return to Britain as Dubai authorities are holding their passports. Last month, an Indian man and woman were sentenced to three months in jail for sexting in Dubai.Travelers looking to engage in PDAs are advised to stick to journey to Europe instead.

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