Down-Low Legislation Lets You Into Cuba

Americans haven’t been able to legally visit Cuba since 1963 because our parents and the people they elected were so emotionally scarred by the creepy-molester smile of communism (and threat of nuclear obliteration). Ah, but while the rest of the House of Representatives and the Senate were busy finagling over their silly stimulus packages, eleven Congresspeople (including Ron Paul!) managed to sneak a bill onto the floor of the House of Representatives that, if passed, could be the first step in lifting American travel restrictions into Cuba.

More on the story here, but I’m willing to bet my allowance that someone’s going to say something about needing to stimulate foreign economies less and, uh, domestic ones more; besides that, old people have too much pride. So it’s probably not going to happen … at least not this week. Until then, however, the BlackBook Havana guide is on hold, and besides which, you’re still going to need to figure out how to sidestep that pesky travel ban. And there’s always Miami.

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