Door Deity Wass Stevens’s Birthday Bash!

Tonight, that old waskel Wass Stevens will hold his annual birthday bash. Yep, he has one every year. In some sort of weird astro-coincidence /convergence thingy I have been DJing them about once a year and on this date! Wass is my boy going back to the Flinstones days of nightlife. Tonight he is calling it “The Rock N’ Roll Birthday” and promises an evening of “Booze, Babes and Headbanging.” I’m DJing early, like from 10pm to 12am and then the real DJ, Scram Jones, will save the day…er night. 

This shin-dig is at Avenue (116 Tenth Avenue) and Wass is inviting “friends, deviants and creatures of the night.” I don’t know how old the dude is. He ain’t Steve Lewis old, but he has to be way up there… maybe Eddie Vedder or or Joe Girardi old. It don’t matter much I guess in the scheme of things, for as Groucho Marx once offered, “you are only as young as the woman you feel.”

There aren’t a great deal of real deal doormen left, as most have retired or even passed or become obsolete now that, of course, the game has changed. Wass goes back to an era when the doorman curated the crowd in coordination with the operator. Now the realities of this modern era have most doormen acting as salespersons, coaxing bottles from wannabe tycoons and players to be named later. Avenue is a bit different, although there certainly is some of that. They have their crowd and always love the lovely, but of course make the unknowns and club tourists buy significant amounts of bottled booze to get in. 

Wass is more than a door person. He is an actor with a lot of listings on his IMDB page ,and has a piece of Rivington Tattoo (175 Rivington Street). He is a man about town, an all around nice guy, a man’s man and a women’s man, a bon vivant, and above all else a friend. I will be there to fete my man. My first song will be ZZ Top “Sharp Dressed Man” and I will digress from there. 

Oh, if you want to attend tonight’s festivities you need to get someone in the know…a publicist, promoter or maybe even a soothsayer or witchdoctor. The door is gonna be tough and without Wass out there, a bit less artistic. 

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