Diddy’s ‘Last Train to Paris’ Confusing NYC Commuters

For a few weeks months now, Diddy has been shamelessly promoting his group Dirty Money’s new album Last Train to Paris. Please note that ‘shameless’ is a loaded word here – this is the same guy who filmed himself in a bathtub to promote vodka earlier this year. (You’re not a hot girl, dude.) Diddy decided to take it to the streets for one of his most recent album promo ideas, startling New York pedestrians and handing out stacks of $20 bills to ice cream men in an effort to let city dwellers know that he’s returned after a year and a half of being holed up out West. Like everyone else, we got a quick laugh or two at his expense, but figured this parade of cheap tricks would be over soon. That was until this morning on the R train platform, when we overheard a fellow commuter loudly chatting up an MTA worker in the booth. “What’s this sign about man? What’s it mean?” Obviously, our first inclination was to tune out this unnecessarily boisterous conversation with headphones, but then we heard this: “What is this Last Train to Paris?” Oh. No.

We avoided the urge to get involved for as long as we could, but after scoping out the sign discreetly, and hearing the MTA employee fail to come up with a good answer, it was time to interrupt. “Yeah, so…you know Diddy? It’s his new album.” Bystanders turned around just in time to catch the disappointment, as he began to explain that he hoped it was some sort of trendy art installation series in the subway with references to fabulous European cities. “No, sorry, it’s just Diddy.” Then we left him to relay the news to the MTA booth guy.

Apparently there are a few more of these signs littered around the city, so just in case you happen upon one: No, it’s not something fantastically artistic. It’s just a poster for Diddy and Dirty Money’s Last Train to Paris. We have no intentions of reviewing this latest masterpiece, so instead, we’ve pulled two of our favorite 140-character-or-less reviews from Twitter: “Last Train To Paris is shake weight music,” and the best descriptive equation, “ Amtrak > Diddy’s Last Train To Paris.”

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