David LaChapelle, Liberty Ross, and Giorgio Moroder Walk Into a Bar…

Clubs in Los Angeles suck for the most part. They usually have a shelf life of about a month, and unfortunately are soon overtaken by the L.A. equivalent of bridge and tunnel, (those from the other side of the hill, aka The Valley).

But tucked away on Sunset Boulevard, there is an oasis — an invite-only haven for those who want to dance the night away without the glare of camera or paparazzi. Saturday marked the one-year anniversary of Giorgio’s, a nightclub filled with nothing but disco, disco, disco at The Standard Hotel in Hollywood. Sure, the celebrity quotient is high, (think Daphne Guinness, Mick Jagger and Dita Von Teese,) but that really doesn’t matter; what makes Giorgio’s such a scene is its mélange of guests: actors next to hair stylists next to CEOs. Though this is 2014, Giorgio’s is every bit Studio 54, run by impresarios DJ Adam XII (who spins for President Obama) and Bryan Rabin who was described by friend Michael Des Barres as “Steve Rubell without the coke,” in the Hollywood Reporter’s 2013 story on the club.

Saturday night’s crowd was every bit of Giorgio’s personified: photographer David LaChappelle danced on a piano bench; Jody Watley performed as Russel Simmons, “Mad Men” costumer Janie Bryant, and Liberty Ross grooved the night away. But most importantly perhaps, the club’s namesake, Giorgio Moroder was in attendance, hosting. (For those of you who don’t know who he is, he basically all but invented disco, creating songs like “Love to Love You Baby” with Donna Summer).

For both owners, the highlight of the evening came undoubtedly at midnight, a culmination of their first year beneath the mirror ball:  disco queen Jody Watley performing not one but three songs, including “Happy Birthday” as a birthday cake (in the shape of a record) was rolled out followed by a massive confetti explosion.

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