Daddy O’s Patio Makes Santa Monica Semi-Cool

Venice and its neighboring sister Santa Monica, being the teensy tiny villages that they are, are bereft of things to do. The locals tend to make certain rounds — rotating the same 10 venues over and over — Axe, Gjelina, Library Ale House, Otherroom, Venice Rose Wines, rinse, and repeat. Then finally, something new happens. In May, in the most unlikely of spots on Main Street in Santa Monica — Enterprise Fish Co. — a bona-fide dance party appeared, the likes of which you usually have to travel inland (read: Hollywood) for. Daddy O’s Patio was born. Now you can double your pleasure, double the fun, as the party’s since been doubled to include both Friday and Saturday night, starting at 10pm.

Put on by DJ O-Raj, the party attracts a core constituency of locals, who can be seen at nearly every event in Venice. This crowd is different than many of Venice’s inhabitants, in that they come for the music and not necessarily the scene (or to be seen). The tunes are the type of deep bubbly West Coast house that comes across like a good, affordable wine — goes down easy and smooth, with a nice perky aftertaste.

DJs rotate every week — culling the talent from the local roster. Sometimes you’ll see DJ Harvey hanging out in the crowd, which is far cooler than what is normally found on Main Street — normally a haven for barely graduated frat boys and sorority girls dressed in banal fashions culled from Zara and Forever 21, jumping from one Irish bar to the next and calling it nightclubbing. That crowd of fratty, conservative types generally stays inside, eating in the vast space (formerly a train station, we’re told ), though they do occasionally stagger outside to the cozy patio and get a groove on.

It’s a dance party for those who don’t want to venture to the massive clubs in Hollywood, and who can stumble, bike, or catch a cab home — a priceless commodity in L.A.. Best of all, it’s walking distance from my house.

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