Crocs Rock: Relais & Chateaux Deliver Two New Cookbooks

“A collection of the world’s finest hotels and restaurants,” Relais & Chateaux’s swanky properties let you kill two birds with one stay: sleep surrounded in finery, and chomp through an unforgettable meal from a top-notch chef like Daniel Boulud or Jean-Georges Vongerichten. Now the association is offering a doggie bag, so to speak, in the form of not one, but two new cookbooks. 85 Inspirational Chefs and Chefs at Home mark the first occasion that each and every chef within Relais & Chateaux’s North American purview has worked together.

Chefs at Home takes you into the celebrated chefs’ homes (surprised?) and features dishes they like to cook when they’re not in a white apron and Crocs. While 85 Inspirational Chefs caters mostly to beginners, the book does include a few challenging recipes. (Did you really think duplicating a Jean-Georges meal was going to be a piece of cake?) The books can be purchased at the Relais and Chateaux Mansion in New York, or on their web site. Indulge in a proper Relais & Chateaux meal without having to drop a fortune on the hotel. Let’s just hope you’re a good cook.

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