Comedian Rob Ryan Ponders the GOP’s Loss to Obama

We’re fond of New York comedian Rob Ryan, who first popped up on our radar two years ago with a hilarious parody of Jay-Z’s "Empire State of Mind" entitled "Newark State of Mind." So impressive was the effort that we asked him to take another crack at a Jay-Z tune earlier this year. He obliged, releasing "Lenox Hill Glory" on January 13, a lighthearted take on how the music industry’s most powerful couple took over one of the city’s busiest hospitals to welcome their little bundle of joy. Now Ryan’s at it again, this time getting inside republicans’ heads as they contemplate just how they got so clobbered by the democrats in the general election. The video’s entitled "Why the GOP Lost the Election" and it’s funny. Take a look

The slickly-produced skit, which enlists the help of a half-dozen of his friends, shows the GOP’s braintrust sitting around a conference room table questioning how they lost so many vital voting blocs, from women (too many insenstive comments about rape?) to Latinos (running on an immigration platform centered on making Mexicans’ lives miserable?). If the real Romney and crew watch this video, perhaps they’ll spend a few months soul-searching, emerging this spring with a unifying message that motivates both their base and their historical adversaries to support the Grand Old Party. But we’re not holding our breath. 

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