Colombian Party Bus Comes to NYC

imageParty buses bring to mind two things: jugs of alcohol and sticky, vomit-laden floors. In case you’d like to relive your drunken college days by driving around with 50 of your closest friends, placing bets on how many shots Big Eddie can take before the light changes at 42nd and 7th, you might want to check out the La Chiva party bus. This mega-bus has bench-like limo seats, a disco ball, a fog machine, a full bar with a bartender, and an in-bus DJ who’s spinning fresh, funky Colombian beats.

The seven-hour tours start anywhere you’d like, but we recommend chugging a few beers at the company’s own restaurant/bar in Queens (Chivatazo) and hop in the bus from there. If in the midst of your booze tour of Manhattan, someone gets the bright idea to head to Atlantic City, all you have to do is ask — La Chiva will take you anywhere you’d like to go, as long as there is potential for debauchery. They also take groups to the Poconos, Niagara Falls, and Six Flags, provided drunken revelry ensues.

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