Coffee and Champagne’s Michelle Williams’ Five Autumn NYC Restaurant Picks

Above image: Flora Bar

Coffee & Champagne, the drool worthy blog and Instagram from Michelle Williams, started off as a very personal project: her own wedding planning site. This NYC-born-and-bred, self-taught food enthusiast shot off the charts because her recommendations were so on point and her pictures were good enough to eat. (A background in graphic design surely didn’t hurt.)

Over 115,000 people now agree and follow her.

With autumn just underway, we asked her where she will most often be found dining – and snapping – this fall.


Carma East

Their bright interior is adorned with a white neon sign that reads, “Let the lights dim sum” – and with good reason. As Michelle says it’s, “the perfect spot to slurp up crab soup dumplings while knocking back baijiu cocktails like the jasmine flower Dream Tea to start a fun Friday night out.”
As a self-confessed dumpling fanatic she maintains, “if I post enough photos of dim sum, (hopefully) it will become a trend for fall.” We’re pretty sure she’s is right on point, especially when it comes to the dragon fruit colored dumplings.



Ed’s Lobster Bar

According to Michelle summer never ends at “this small lobster shack, that with a single bite will transport you to those sunny hot beach days, even in the dead of winter.”




“If you’re looking for a dining experience that elevates the formula of the ordinary meal structure, this is the restaurant to visit.” A tableside chef cooking steak to order on sunken grills embedded into the tabletop? Yes please!



Flora Bar

“There is seldom a time when I don’t love being fancy. So, lunching at Flora Bar surrounded by the Met Breuer’s extremely unique architecture is one of my favorite places to be.”
And to be seen! As she claims with their, “heavy focus on seafood, a killer raw bar, and innovative, artistically plated dishes, this museum restaurant is one of the best reasons to make a day of food and exploring the arts.”



Quality Eats

“This is one of my hands down favorite restaurants. It’s an accessibly priced steakhouse with innovative dishes beyond red meat – like crudo, grilled fish and rugelach-filled ice cream.”


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