Citysearch Survey Reveals When Money’s Tight, Liquor’s Right

It’s all about priorities. When cash is scarce, you’ve got to cut everything out of your budget that isn’t absolutely essential. New clothes, cable TV, heat, electricity? All frivolous luxuries you can live without. Booze? That’s another story. Such are the findings of an interesting new consumer spending habits poll released today by Citysearch and conducted by Harris Interactive that determined – with science – that while shops and restaurants are still feeling recession’s pinch, bars and clubs are going gangbusters.

According to the poll, almost one in four people are going out to bars and clubs more frequently this year than they did last year. The trend is even more pronounced among those under the age of 35, with nearly half of the youngsters hitting the local club or publick house with a greater frequency in 2011 than 2010. It’s good to be a barkeep these days.

Shopping and eating, meanwhile, aren’t quite as robust. According to the data, 37% of respondents are going out to restaurants less frequently than they did last year, while a third are visiting shops less.

Naturally, blowing your whole paycheck in a bar is far too easy, which is why so many people are seeking out drink specials to slake that thirst for spirits. Well, happy hour got its name for a reason, and there are some amazing ones happening in New York and beyond. Just last night I was bending an elbow at Mary Queen of Scots on the Lower East Side, sampling a slew of amazing cocktails like the Lady of the Lake. I was chuffed to learn that they have a pretty generous happy hour from 6-8 pm Monday through Wednesday and 5:30 to 8 pm Thursday through Sunday that offers half-priced beer, wine, and specialty cocktails at the bar. That’s a bargain in any economic scenario.

The full poll results are available here.

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