Chris Brown’s New Show to Break Clichés

Yesterday, music stars Chris Brown, Ne-Yo, and Julianne Hough gathered for a performance at the Nokia theatre in Times Square to celebrate a partnership with Wrigley’s chewing gum. The three re-record the classic jingles for Big Red, Doublemint, and Juicy Fruit, you know the ones. Shortly after making my way backstage, I had my camera ostensibly stolen, snatched, violently confiscated by Chris Brown’s henchmen while taking backstage photos of his girlfriend Rihanna mouthing the words to his hit single “No Air.” They scolded me, chastised me, and erased my photos. On the bright side, Brown told me about his new dance competition reality show and why it’ll avoid all clichés. No offense to J.C. Chasez, of course.

I hear that you’re doing your own reality dance series. How is that working out?

My dance series is still in the works right now. It’s not gonna be like “America’s Best Dance Crew” even though that’s an incredible show. But it’s gonna be different from the more cliché dance shows. How are they cliché?

Because all of them are based on the same thing: Judges. You know what I’m saying? They get certain people to judge for ratings. This won’t be about big judges. No offense to JC Chasez or Lil’ Mama or none of them. Lil Mama dances to a degree but she’s not a trained dancer. JC, he danced in a boy band, so he was taught everything he danced. You know what I’m saying? They need to get the old Gods of Breaking. They need to get legendary dancers that people might not know of, but who are hands on, that do real choreography. Right now, we’re thinking it might be called “Break Nation.” It’s grittier, more street, showing the urban elements of hip-hop and b-boy. It’s not a bubblegum-type show. I’m just included because I believe in it.

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