Celine Dion to Save Las Vegas

Screw the CityCenter, this is what will save Vegas. This is what will convince millions of Americans to part with their hard-earned cash in Sin City. Celine Dion announced yesterday that she’ll return to Las Vegas for a three-year stint at Caesars Palace. Celine will return to the 4,300-seat Colosseum that was originally built for her and her previous show, A New Day. All is right with the world.

The camp classic A New Day grossed over $400 million in its five-plus years in Vegas. The new show will feature a concept involving classic romantic films (Titanic perhaps? Oh James Cameron, you master of human emotion). “The repertoire is going to be extraordinary…a mix of timeless Hollywood classics, along with all the favorites that my fans like to hear me sing,” Dion said of the new gig. “There’ll be some truly wonderful moments.” (To get an idea of some of the magical moments of her last Vegas show, check this out. A mirror shatters, a Canadian chanteuse emerges.)

The new show begins March 15, 2011. Tickets prices range from $55 to $250, and sales start Friday. No word yet if Franco Dragone, “the world’s most spectacular showmaker,” will be involved on this go-round, but there will be a full orchestra.

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