Celebrity Mistresses Will Get TV Makeovers

Yet another new reality show set to gravitationally pull America’s moral compass due south: Mistress Makeover, in which the former mistresses of famous people will get “makeovers” in the form of breast implants, botox, and Brazilian butt waxes. Seriously.

I guess the idea is that with enough cosmetic distortion, these women will be unrecognizable, and therefore free to live without the stigma attached to their former selves, all the while re-casting themselves as celebrities in their own right. Or maybe they’re just in it for the free boob jobs. The mistresses will include two former members of Tiger Woods’ harem – Joslyn James and Jamie Jungers (note to self: people with alliterative names tend to be promiscuous) – plus Ashton Kutcher’s alleged side-gal, Brittany Jones, and Reggie Bush’s ex, January Gessert. The show’s premise is totally whacked, but empathy for the mistresses may be indicative of a shift towards a more feminist cultural sensibility in which women aren’t necessarily seen as wicked, home-wrecking temptresses, but as possible victims, and ultimately as humans in need of love and attention. But I might be reading too much into it.

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