Celeb Fave Sugar Factory Opens Extravagant Flagship in Vegas

From Chicago to Dubai, Miami to NYC’s MePa, Sugar Factory has built a mini-empire on a blunt yet grandiose philosophy: complete and total over-the-top decadence. So it only makes sense that they should build their most extravagant temple of decadence in the city of sin, Las Vegas.

And so it is that a new SF flagship has just opened on The Strip (in the super-fab Fashion Show Mall), with two stories and 22,000 square feet of pure indulgence. What high-octane wonders can you expect to encounter? A floor-to-ceiling candy dot wall; the Sugar Factory Attraction, complete with 14-seat carousel; a signature Brasserie and daiquiri bar for more grown-up treats; and (would we kid you?) the Sugar Factory Chocolate Lounge – which gives a whole new plateau to the phrase “died and went to Heaven.”




On the menu(s)? Chocolate Gold fondue, the Blue Cheese Bacon Burger, BLT crepes, the King Kong Sundae, Tie Dye Milkshakes and cheeky-fun adult bevvies like the Blueberry Bikini Martini and Raspberry Watermelon Mojito (served in a goblet!).

There’s plenty of eye-candy, as well: opulent chandeliers, fiery-red booths, baroque-kitsch detailing. And, of, course, the “other” kind of eye-candy…as Sugar Factory boasts a rather incomparable (and very vocal) following of celebrity devotees, including Katy Perry, Drake, Salma Hayek, Vanessa Hudgens, Rihanna, and assorted Real Housewives. Most of whom can be heard rhapsodizing over SF’s signature, fashion-forward Couture Pops.

In a word? Bonkers.


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