CBGB Lives On in Thursday Night Live

Last night, we descended into the glam-punk world of 315 Bowery for “Thursday Night Live,” an event which paid homage to the space’s roots. Two years ago, John Varvatos took over the CGBG address (20% off via Access Network Perks, by the way!), turning the iconic rock venue into a Bowery storefront. Despite the tears shed over the loss of punk’s most notorious landmark, the interior has done its part to stay true to the initial spirit: relics of times past litter the room and original graffiti covers the walls, keeping the bohemian rock feel alive with the store’s bad-ass boudoir vibe.


And thanks to Varvatos, the space gets to see men in leather pants and eyeliner once again. On the first Thursday of every month, Varvatos has promised to bring rock ‘n’ roll home again with free music and free booze. Yesterday’s event had the crowd swelling in anticipation for Hanoi Rocks’ leading man, Michael Monroe. As people waited, they guzzled gratis Pabst Blue Ribbon, Icelandic Glacial water and Tanteo Tequila. When the hour approached, they began to gather at the back of the store, in front of a stage set up next to a wall of speakers. They wouldn’t have to wait long; by 9pm, Monroe took the stage. By 9:04, he seemed perfectly at home, hanging from a speaker, wearing only a sequined vest and covered in sweat. For a moment, everything was right where it belonged — then the crowd rushed on to the afterparty at Bowery Electric.

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