Cat People Soho House? Windy Kitty Cafe Opens in Chicago

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At this time of year, hopefully, we make a point of taking the time to consider and confront the plight of those whose circumstances have caused them to have to do without. Some of those, of course, are our furrier little friends, especially canines and kitties.

The latter take pride of place at Chicago’s charmingly monikered Windy Kitty Cafe (get it?), which just opened in the city’s hipsterville hood of Bucktown. Taking its cues from a burgeoning trend in Japan (Hello, kitty!), the concept is actually rather ingenious: urbanista animal lovers whose situations don’t necessarily allow for pet ownership, come for a caffeine fix and some kitty kat PDA…and obviously get to meet others who share their lifestyles and feline inclinations. (“You love cats too???”) Everybody wins!

Naturally, Windy Kitty is very much involved in serious cat advocacy, and they vigorously and passionately promote their rescue and adoption programs. You can come for a (Catfe) Latte, and leave with a furry new friend – what’s not to love? There are monthly and annual membership packages (sort of a cat people Soho House), and regular events like – really now, would we kid you? – R&B Yoga With Kitties.

No word yet on whether anything similar is planned for reptile enthusiasts.