Carolina Herrera and High Society Meet the Xtravaganzas

A high-society affair to benefit the Art Production Fund would normally go unnoticed by this reporter, so used to downtown doings and such. However, the entertainment at last night’s event to honor Carolina Herrera and Linda Yablonsky at the White Glove Gone Wild Gala, held in the prestigious Colony Club (564 Park Avenue) employed Jeremy Xtravaganza and company to entertain. The Glove and Gown/Jacket & Tie affair had the aristocracy of society mingling with a bit of the aristocracy of Ballroom culture. I wish I could have been their to see it all, the co-mingling and all that. But alas, I cannot be everywhere and I was indeed someplace else.

In my stead, I sent photographer Lela Edgar who I trust, to catch that essential moment. That moment, provided by Jeremy Xtravaganza, prompted Lela to remark, “When you get the layers, is when you understand how spiritual it can be.” She is referring to the world of Ballroom culture—a culture that dates back to at least the 1880s. A world were paupers become princes, and the left out become family and soar to a certain freedom that escapes most of us. It is all about attitude, but not in a negative way. It is an attitude that comes from a personal journey of self-awareness, supported by a family called a “House” that supports that journey. It is a world I have embraced for decades. I have a very short bucket list, as I have done more than I expected—although maybe a bit less than mom and dad expected. On my list, is to become a member of the House of Xtravaganza. Soon, there will be a Ball and I will tell you all about it, and if you are very smart you will come. I asked Jeremy Xtravaganza to tell us a bit more.

Tell me about this event.

This event was thrown by Art Production Fund. It was an art auction to benefit charity, honoring Carolina Herrera & Linda Yablonsky. The event collaborated with performance art & the “Who’s Who” in fashion and Hollywood. The event’s theme was White Glove Gone Wild Galla, thrown at the iconic Colony Club.

What is Ballroom Culture?

Ballroom culture is an underground, extensive, or per-say competition with the art of bringing editorial to life with the measurements of bringing aesthetics to life. Face, editorial vision, creative garments. It brings different types of runway through competition and overall celebration of art, glamour, & fashion.

What does it mean to be an Xtravaganza?

To be an Xtravaganza is to be the antithesis of the word Xtravaganza. You must be able to attract the attention of the room with ease. Represent a facade of the many energies that brand being at the top of your game—representing Beauty, Elegance, & Edge.

Why are the “Ganzas” hobnobbing with the aristocracy?

Xtravaganza’s are notorious for being, not only the inspiration, but collaborating with A-List Hollywood & High Society. This particular event was notorious for me because the Colony Club has housed the ultimate brand of feminine power (i.e.. me being a male performer says it all right there.) Being able to perform amongst the walls where in order to make events and charitable movements that have been the fabric of many of the things we know in society.

How did they find you and you them?

I received this opportunity through my close friend and esteemed colleague, socialite and DJ to the stars Donna D’Cruz. For she, along with myself, are in the process of creating a new movement of modern New York. To a time where creativity has been diminished to only a story of The Great Gatsby on a screen. Now is the moment to make people uncomfortable. To energize them with imagination that has set the tone for the True American Story.

What were the moments for you?

There were two highlights of my evening. One, being Carolina Herrera embracing me in my art, labeling me as “her New York orchid.” Two was, the moment when I was told I had been standing on an 18th century table of which no man or woman has ever stood. It is very rare that the trifecta of society and Hollywood, and freedom of expression comes under one roof. However, you will always know when Jeremy Xtravagavza enters the building there will be not only an iconic evening, but will be a magical moment. The look was created by designer Abraham Levi, most notably known for his amazing work with metal & Mylar as well his avant guard and hour couture. It was a potion made for success within individuals from dancers to artist to designer to curator. Simply an evening to remember. Simply Unforgettable.

Main image by  Lela Edgar

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